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Some of the benefits:

Animal Rescue is an animal welfare management software program, which  has been developed with smaller animal rescue and animal rehoming centres in mind. Software for Animal Rescue Centres, Animal Shelters, Animal Rehoming Centres, Wildlife Rescue Centres and Breed Rescues.                 

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue has been developed with smaller animal rescue and rehoming centres in mind.  It is affordable, easy to use and easy to learn. With its wealth of features and benefits, Animal Rescue will enable you to run an efficient centre helping to provide the best possible care for each animal.

With the Animal Rescue program, there is the option of Client Server or Cloud Based Technology.

Some of the features


Search Screen

Foster Care

Kennel/Cattery Boarding and Day Care

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Here are some screenshots of the Animal Rescue program but as you can tell from the list of features there are many more screens for you to see. Contact us for a brochure to get the bigger picture.

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